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hermes birkin was invented by chance. Now it has hermes birkin bag, hermes birkin purse, hermes birkin handbags.In 1984 a flight from Paris to London, British singer Jane Birkin met the Hermes Herm è s president Jean-Louis Dumas, Birkin Dumas complained that never find her work like the sophisticated and practical, large bags. Later, Dumas Jane Birkin designed a flexible joint is large utility bags, Birkin seem to have hit the jackpot with their favorite. Later this handbag with Jane Birkin's name, let the women want to be Birkin Bag Birkin was born.Hermes Birkin Herm è s Birkin Bag is a brand before the Haute a Courries (or HAC for short) handbags for the prototype design and come, but smaller, carrying belt is longer in order to meet the need of Jane Birkin, and in many places and modern fashion style is more coordination.Hermes Birkin Bag rare also like a legend, from all over the world custom list makes every packet must wait 6 months to 2 years to reach the customer (time because customers selected the cortex and the different colors and ranging).

hermes birkin bag

Perhaps it is because so rare, multiple selective plus a variety of different colors and top quality material, makes the actress ladies have become the faithful, even as a game, to see who has more styles, Victoria Vitoria is said to have more than 100 different colors and cortical Birkin Birkin Bag.Each Birkin bag are years, engraved on the buckle belt. On the right side of the front metal button on the back, sunken square box within the English word, that year (applicable to 1997 ~ 2022), and during 1961~1996 production package in the circular frame. The letters and numbers on the other side, is a master production code.Leather Birkin bag is a basic style, the large black leather Birkin the highest rate of appearance, mostly some stores rare spot is black and coffee; blue is a favorite color for most people.